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About Per “Peps” Sollen

We all have Peps a lot to thank for. He was the guy who was always there with his camera, which he used frequently between session. He was the kind punk rocker that sported a Duane deck, leather jacket with studs and a blond hairdo that would make all the members of Sex Pistols green of envy. he has kindly allowed us to use his photos for promoting Eurocana online and in the real world. Thank you Peps, you are a star!

Unfortunately Peps can’t be with us as much as he or we would like. A few years back he suffered from a massive stroke which makes his day-to-day life very difficult. As a part of the Eurocana project we have been selling prints of his photos where the proceeds have gone straight to benefit Peps. If you are interested in supporting Peps, please let us know.

Peps, you are the best 🙂